Crab Shell Care Socks

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Three unique features
● Natural antibacterial
Hess Moore (pure chitosan fiber) has natural antibacterial effect. This product does not add any chemical antibacterial agent, which has strong, lasting and antibacterial effect, thus preventing infection.
●Itching and stinking
Crabshell care socks have been tested by authoritative organizations for detection of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans with a bacteriostatic rate of over 90%. It has a good inhibitory effect on itching and odor caused by fungi.
● Prevent cracking
Hess Moore (pure chitosan fiber) has excellent biocompatibility, biodegradability and good biosafety. It has good adhesion to skin cells when it comes into contact with human skin. A useful bacteria for the skin to regulate the micro-ecological balance of the human skin. It can keep the skin clean and moist, effectively prevent static electricity and prevent skin damage.

Main ingredients: 10% crab shell, combed cotton, wood pulp fiber, spandex, nylon, elastic

Tube height: high tube
pattern: plain
Sock function use: antibacterial
Style: simple
Applicable season: four seasons

The crab shell care socks are designed with special structure to make the socks loose, the socks are soft, and the special loops are added in the key parts. The legs are not stretched and the feet are not worn to ensure the feet are warm and comfortable.
This product is carefully selected from a marine biomass fiber extracted from the crab shell - Hismer, which is processed as a main raw material. It has the unique function of natural bacteriostasis, itching and odor, and prevention of cracking, avoiding the skin injury. Infection, at the same time, its moisture wicking function can keep the feet smooth and dry.
Three basic functions
●The socks are loose
The crab shell care socks are specially made of Hays Moore blended yarn. The material is soft, the socks are wide and not slack, and the tightness is moderate, so as to avoid the foot being squeezed.
● warm and comfortable
The body is made of a unique two-layer process. The inner layer is made of functional fibers and attached to the skin. The outer layer is made of highly elastic spandex. Add special terry to the key parts, do not stretch your feet, do not rub your feet, and gently protect your feet.
● moisture wicking
Crab shell care socks use marine biomass - Hays Moore fiber and wood pulp fiber, combed cotton as the main raw material, effectively ensuring the moisture absorption and perspiration effect of the socks, reducing the accumulation of sweat in the feet, keeping the feet dry and comfortable, effective Reduce the growth of foot bacteria.

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